New Zealand

Te Kotahitanga Neehi Hapori Whakapono o Aotearoa

"Faith by itself, not accompanied by action is dead"  James 2:17

Community Net

Community Net is an online hub of resources designed to strengthen communities.  The capacity building webinars includes health-related topics of interest to organisations. Among these are: healthcare workforce planning; organisations using specific models of psychiatric care; and mental health collaborative initiatives. 


ELearning Nurse

ELearning Nurse is free for nurses working in the community in New Zealand. It offers learners short clinical readings relevant to nursing practice, some of which are endorsed by the College of Nurses Aotearoa NZ.
​​​ELearning Nurse is provided by The Health Media, publisher of New Zealand Doctor and Pharmacy Today newspapers.


The International Christian Medical and Dental Association exists to start and strengthen Christian national medical and dental movements.

Every Thursday ICMDA doctors and experts run webinars on issues relating to healthcare, leadership and Christian mission. They are free to join, you just need to register in advance.

All previous webinars can be found on their YouTube channel.

These webinars are broadcast during our night but by signing up for any that you are interested in you will be sent a link to view them whenever you wish. 

Provisional vaccinator training

As part of the New Zealand COVID-19 response, it is essential that all immunisation services continue. This course aims to develop an immunisation workforce to support the MMR campaign, influenza 2021 and the COVID 19 vaccine programme. For these reasons, a pathway to provisional authorisation for vaccinators has been developed. The Provisional Vaccinator Foundation Course (PVFC) is the educational component of this pathway. To administer any COVID19 vaccine, all qualified/authorised and provisional vaccinators will need to produce evidence that they have completed the online COVID-19 specific education course.

Webinar on Obesity and Cancer

This webinar was produced by the world cancer research fund in partnership with oncology central understand the impact of obesity on our society, the science behind obesity and cancer risk and how to make every contact count with overweight patients

  • The impact obesity has on our health and economy
  • Obesity Health Alliance’s 10 priorities to tackle rising obesity rates
  • The science behind obesity and cancer risk
  • Starting a conversation about weight with patients and clients
  • Professor John Wass, Professor of Endocrinology at Oxford University
  • Susannah Brown, our Science Programme Manager (Research Evidence)
  • Rachel Clark, our Health Promotion Manager and Nutritionist