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Te Kotahitanga Neehi Hapori Whakapono o Aotearoa

"Faith by itself, not accompanied by action is dead"  James 2:17

Nursing and the Mission of the Church

By Helen Anne Wordsworth

Most churches see healing ministry as an important aspect of the gospel, but few recognize the potential for making health care provision a key part of their missional activities.

Parish nursing offers a means for local churches to serve their communities through the work of a registered nursing professional. It also provides the church with a bridge into the lives of those who need the healing that Christ can bring, helping to bring the fullness of life to many more people.

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Rediscovering a Ministry of Health

By Helen Anne Wordsworth

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It is not possible to look at the ministry of Jesus without noticing his concern for the poor and the sick. He not only had a huge sense of compassion for people who were suffering, but sent people out to heal the sick and tell them the Kingdom of God is near them. This concern for health and wholeness has inspired Christians through the ages as they have cared for the sick, founded hospitals, and been at the forefront of public health movements. 

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The Essential Parish Nurse

By Deborah L Patterson

The Essential Parish Nurse is a practical and useful resource for churches that are interested in developing a parish nurse program. Covering a broad range, it dictates the need for such ministry, a brief history of parish nursing, the role of the parish nurse and where details of interest to those wishing to establish such a ministry. This valuable resource includes an appendix with sample materials needed to scars a parish nursing ministry such as: parish nurse "job description, congregational health needs survey, service of installation for a parish nurse, parish nurse survey for the congregation; parish nurse performance evaluation mal, parish nurse outcomes measurement wol; and a list of parish nurse resources.

Published: 2003

Model for Healthy Living Introduction

By Church Health Centre

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Created by the Church Health Center, the Model for Healthy Living addresses seven integral components of our lives - Faith Life, Movement, Medical, Work, Emotional, Nutrition, and Friends and Family - as they interconnect in affecting our overall health and well being. Through exploring holistic health and the balance of all seven components, this Model contributes to a life filled with joy, love, and a stronger connection with God. Complete with reflections on Scripture and tools for self-evaluation, this booklet helps to assess your life, set attainable goals, and celebrate the joy of healthy living.

About the model for healthy living.

The Parish Nurse; Providing a Minister of Health for Your Congregation

By Granger E. Westberg

Here, Granger Westberg presents a creative, new way for congregations to provide a wholistic ministry to their members. His parish nurse program brings nurses onto congregations' staffs to work as ministers of health on a part-time or full-time basis. In this way congregations can play an increasingly important role in keeping people spiritually and physically healthy and giving leadership in the field of preventive medicine. Parish nurses serve as health educators, health counselors, volunteer trainers, and support group organizers. In hundreds of congregations, this program has been well received by clergy and church members.

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Published: Augsburg . Minneapolis