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Te Kotahitanga Neehi Hapori Whakapono o Aotearoa

"Faith by itself, not accompanied by action is dead"  James 2:17

Discerning our Christian response to Covid and Vaccination

By Helen Vaughan

Discerning our Christian response to Covid and Vaccination

By Rev. Dr. Graham O’Brien, Dean of Nelson Cathedral

Published in Nelson Anglicans

As we journey through this new covid world it is often hard to navigate all the information that is out there and decide what is correct and what is not, alongside how we respond as Christians to all the different issues and points of view. In these brief reflections I am writing as someone who has been an ordained priest for the past 15 years, a theological educator with experience in bioethics, and as a trained scientist including working in vaccine development. I have also included some helpful comments from Assoc Prof Lance Jennings, retired Clinical Virologist at the Canterbury DHB and a Cathedral Parishioner.

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Provisional vaccinator training


As part of the New Zealand COVID-19 response, it is essential that all immunisation services continue. This course aims to develop an immunisation workforce to support the MMR campaign, influenza 2021 and the COVID 19 vaccine programme. For these reasons, a pathway to provisional authorisation for vaccinators has been developed. The Provisional Vaccinator Foundation Course (PVFC) is the educational component of this pathway. To administer any COVID19 vaccine, all qualified/authorised and provisional vaccinators will need to produce evidence that they have completed the online COVID-19 specific education course.


NZFCNA update 5

By Faith Community Nursing

Life continues to change for us all. Britain and other countries remain in lockdown. Many uncertainties remain and the search for a vaccine against Covid 19 continues. We are blessed as a country, as we have experienced less infections and a lower death rate due to the virus than other parts of the world. Currently we experience the impact of companies ceasing trading and job losses or redundancies. Students and teachers adapt yet again to different ways of education. Some remain in lockdown or cope with the stress they experience with uncertainty or fear. We all adjust to this ‘new normal’.

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Special Edition of NZFCNA

By Faith Community Nursing

International Nurses Day

The first Florence.......

Her parents chose her name from the city she was born in, two hundred years ago. She was a privileged child receiving an education unusual for women at that time. By her late thirties, she was bedridden but working as a statistician. With her upper class links she influenced the British government of the day, basing her reforms of healthcare upon facts. She is the source of great debate being both authoritarian and visionary. She was Florence Nightingale.

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NZFCNA Update 4

By Faith Community Nursing

We’ve got to level 3 in lockdown and as I write the Prime Minister reported that there were no more deaths to Covid 19 and no new cases. Agencies are preparing to go to level 2 and considering what must be put in place to keep us safe. The problems are changing and one key aspect, which you may need to consider is how to support individuals with a lack of employment or redundancy and the subsequent loss of income.

Can I remind you of the resources readily available to you from the Citizen’s Advice Bureau?

Whilst we are in lockdown, there are no face-to-face interviews but you can find answers either by phoning the freephone number 0800 367 222 or sending an email from the website. On the website there is a chat bot too. During the pandemic, there is a dedicated tab for Covid 19 so common issues are even more accessible. CAB volunteers throughout the country are working together but they are also able to provide local information about things like local agencies providing food.

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