New Zealand

Te Kotahitanga Neehi Hapori Whakapono o Aotearoa

"Faith by itself, not accompanied by action is dead"  James 2:17

Serving Christ as a referral agent: a pastor's story

I, John Chen, as a minister sent by Elim Christian Centre for China mission,  was living in China and come back to New Zealand twice a year .

Some time ago, our Faith Community Nurse, Betty, held a health information sessions after Elim morning church service and I just came back from China. I asked her to have my blood pressure taken. And shared what God has done in China as she is a missionary too.

During our discussion about my diet & exercise she asked if I had regular annual medical checks, my answer was no. When did I last have a full medical check? I couldn’t remember.  Her response was, given my age, I should be having an annual medical full wellness check that included a prostate examination. I said that I thought I was slightly over-weight, feeling very well, and the recordings that she took at that time were all within the normal range so I thought there was nothing to be concerned about, although she did say that I must consider seeing the doctor.

I also told her that initially I adjusted my diet and lost some weight, did some exercise and go to gym, but did not go to see my doctor. However, I kept hearing her voice in the back of my mind (the Holy Spirit prompting!) saying “go to the doctor” and it would not go away.  I went to China again.

Later the same year, I was back to New Zealand again. Eventually I did go to the doctor, and had a check-up and blood check. The result was that I had prostate cancer. I needed surgery, radiotherapy and hormone therapy. So began my prostate cancer journey. I am so grateful that so many people pray for me and now I just need blood test every three months.

Betty is such a faithful woman. She is a intercession warrior, a missionary and God’s faithful servant. Deep in my heart, I thank for her advice and prayer. May God’s peace and grace be with you all! Hallelujah!