New Zealand

Te Kotahitanga Neehi Hapori Whakapono o Aotearoa

"Faith by itself, not accompanied by action is dead"  James 2:17

Serving Christ as a health counsellor

Jack and Jill were a retired couple in their late 60s.   The  Faith Community Nurse (FCN)  was first alerted to Jill's health problems via the Church prayer chain. A bladder scan had shown bladder cancer and the church was asked to pray. Wendy, the FCN, rang to ask if Jill would like a visit.

With her recent background in surgical urology nursing the FCN was able to answer questions arising from the recent urology visits Jill had attended (Health Counsellor).  Wendy was also given permission to anoint Jill with oil and pray with her and Jack. (Prayer support). Three months later Jill required an urgent cystectomy and urostomy. This was totally beyond Jill's comprehension and she was very reluctant to proceed.

In her work at a private surgical hospital Wendy had nursed many patients post cystectomy, working with the same urologist, so was able to slowly talk Jill and Jack through the procedure and reassure them of the outcome (Health Counselor). She  also reassured them that she would walk alongside them throughout the process. Again we prayed and handed everything over to the Lord. (Prayer Support)

Jill had her procedure, but her recovery was very slow. She was very reluctant to accept the urostomy and reluctant to mobilise. Wendy visited frequently and reinforced her need to manage her urostomy independently and was eventually able to encourage her to accept her discharge home. (Health Counselor)

When home Jill was still reluctant to return to normal and Jack was not helping by doing everything for her. The following month Jill was readmitted to the hospital with an infection, which quickly resolved with antibiotics. When she returned home Jill was still not willing to embrace the future and was becoming depressed. Jack was becoming tired and discouraged.

After a couple of weeks at home, and after much prayer, Wendy decided  that it was time to be a little more assertive. At her next visit the FCN told Jill that everyone had done all that they could and that the rest was up to her. Wendy advised Jack to stop running around after Jill and that she should now start taking part in household chores. Wendy also encouraged them to book another cruise for the end of the year. Throughout this time, they were reassured that prayer was undergirding them from the Church.  The change was miraculous. Jill went on to recover well and once again became her bright, positive self. Her subsequent scans showed no evidence of tumours anywhere in her body.