New Zealand

Te Kotahitanga Neehi Hapori Whakapono o Aotearoa

"Faith by itself, not accompanied by action is dead"  James 2:17

Serving Christ as a referral agent: a pastor's story

I, John Chen, as a minister sent by Elim Christian Centre for China mission,  was living in China and come back to New Zealand twice a year .

Some time ago, our Faith Community Nurse, Betty, held a health information sessions after Elim morning church service and I just came back from China. I asked her to have my blood pressure taken. And shared what God has done in China as she is a missionary too.

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Serving Christ as a care manager

Molly attended Sunday morning services regularly and independently. She was always looked smart and cheerful but preferred to keep herself to herself.
One day my phone went and the parishioner told me that someone had fallen over in one of the local streets. She did not know her name but recognised her from church. With a bit of detective work, I headed out to find that the person was Molly.

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Serving Christ as a health counsellor

Jack and Jill were a retired couple in their late 60s.   The  Faith Community Nurse (FCN)  was first alerted to Jill's health problems via the Church prayer chain. A bladder scan had shown bladder cancer and the church was asked to pray. Wendy, the FCN, rang to ask if Jill would like a visit.

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Serving Christ as an advocate

Mary, a mother of preschoolers was diagnosed with breast cancer. Both she and Bill, her husband, were from overseas and did not have any local family support. The family was referred to Susan (faith community nurse) by the church pastoral care team, at a time when they were confused, scared and overwhelmed by the situation.

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Serving Christ as a volunteer coordinator


 My desire is to love God with all my heart soul and mind.  To acknowledge the authority of God, and to show his unconditional love to others. Jesus said "love one another as I have loved you" John 13:34. It is through my love for God and my Faith Community Nursing role that the foot clinic at St Peters came about.

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Serving Christ with health education

As the editor for a denominational magazine I heard about a church in Cambridge that had held reoccurring community events for four years. One year it would be a seniors’ expo and the alternate it would be a men’s health event.

One half of the organising duo was Helen, a Faith Community Nurse. Helen and her friend explained to me how both events ran, with the help of willing volunteers from the church.

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